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Heating And Air Conditioning Maintenance

HVAC Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance

maintenanceThe number one cause of heating and cooling system failures is dirt and neglect. Our R & R Heating & Air Maintenance Agreement is designed to protect your home, your family, your comfort and your pocket book. Your HVAC system like any complex machinery, requires regular maintenance to run at peak efficiency, and ensure years of reliable operation.

In addition to heating and air conditioning repair service, R & R Heating and Air provides annual maintenance for your HVAC system. Our HVAC maintenance services can keep your air conditioner and furnace or heat pump operating at peak efficiency.

Enrolling in our Maintenace Plan will give you maximum savings, comfort, and peace of mind with:

2 Visits per Year!


  • Clean
    • Condenser coils
    • Evaporator coils
    • Burners
    • Condensation drain pan
  • Check
    • Thermostat
    • Refrigerant levels
    • Electrical connections
    • Volts/Amps on motor and controls
    • Auxiliary heat
  • Lubricate ALL moving parts
  • Adjust burners
  • Inspect duct work
  • Additional Charges may apply for Freon or special filters

10% Discounts on all major repairs. (Compressor, heat exchanger, coil replacement, ductwork issues)

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